The perfect outfit to face the job interview

You know that it is important to make a good first impression during a job interview: this moment is crucial to allow you to move forward in the selection process. In this sense, the choice of the outfit for the job interview is essential. The saying “dress does not make the monk” is not always true: very often the clothes of those in front of us speak and give us information about the interlocutor. We are not referring to the ostentation of brands and brands, but to the care and self-confidence that emanate when wearing certain garments. We also talked about it in the article “Job interview: everything you need to know”.

In today’s world, there is great freedom to express oneself with fashion: men are not obliged to wear a jacket and tie (except in some rare cases) and women are not forced to wear stilettos and skirts. During a job interview, however, your clothes can make a really crucial first impression. So what are the best outfits for the job interview?

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How to dress for an interview

Outfit woman interview

In general (but this advice applies to both men and women) it is better to dress formally rather than risk looking too bold or casual for the first job interview. If you want to make a modern and androgynous impression, which fits almost any job position you could apply for, wear a suit consisting of trousers and blazer fitted, preferably black, dark blue or gray. Move your arms as you try on the blazer to make sure it’s comfortable and doesn’t over-tighten you. There should be enough space in the shoulders and back so that it does not give you the plaster cast. This interview outfit is comfortable and elegant: will never give you the impression of being out of place.

How to dress for a job interview: man

Depending on the position you are applying for, you can choose whether to be elegant formal or elegant informal. The suit consisting of a jacket and trousers is a very flexible element: if you combine it with a shirt and tie, a nice pair of shoes may be a pendant with the belt, you will have a refined and very formal look. Watch out for the sock! Many men forget to match it, but this element is really important to complete your outfit: choose it to match with shoes or dress. If you feel like daring, you can opt for a patterned fabric!

As for the women’s outfit, the preferred colors are black, blue dark or gray, while for the shirt you can choose light tones (white or light blue). You can also opt for the patterned fabric, but be careful not to overdo it with too garish patterns. If, on the other hand, you want to make a refined but more informal impression, you can combine the jacket and trousers with a solid color polo shirt and sneakers.

Outfit summer interview

How to dress if your job interview will take place in the hottest months of the year? In summer, the unpleasant halos that are created in the armpits or sweat stains on clothing are just around the corner. If we add, then, that you may be a little agitated during the job interview, the omelette is done. Here are some unisex suggestions for choosing the perfect outfit for the summer interview:

  • Wear light trousers, in cotton or linen. Linen has a tendency to make a lot of folds, so it is not recommended if you have to make a long journey to reach the place of the interview: it will give you a neglected tone. Women can also opt for a lightweight skirt in the same materials.
  • Prefer short sleeves, with a light dress they go very well. If, on the other hand, you want to put on a shirt, you must necessarily opt for long sleeves: those with short sleeves are banned! If you think you may have excessive sweating, there are fabric pads to be applied to the inside of the sleeves at the armpits: they are invisible and very absorbent.
  • Limit the scent: the olfactory notes may be accentuated due to the heat and thus becoming unpleasant.
  • Hair: if you have long hair, at least tie it up for the journey to the office of the interview: they will avoid sticking to the neck and help perspiration;
  • Sandals are only allowed for women, as long as they are not excessively showy (no jewel sandal unless you show up for a job interview in the fashion industry). Choose shoes in light canvas or breathable fabric.

Winter interview outfit

Going to a job interview in winter allows you to play much more with accessories. If, as regards the dress, you can choose one similar to the summer one but make of heavier fabrics, in winter you can indulge yourself with scarves and pashminas, gloves, coats in plain colors or with typically patterns winter (checked, pied-de-poule, herringbone and so on). No to the hat: ruffles your hair and makes you more childish. Wear it only until you enter the place of the job interview, then take it off and settle in.

In winter, then, you can dare with colors that are not suitable in summer: dark green, brown and shades of ocher.

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Pro tips: the bag/backpack and accessories

Regardless of gender, everyone needs a bag or workbook to store their belongings. Make sure it is in line with the outfit you have selected. In general, it is better to avoid backpacks unless they have a particular style (to be clear, no to the classic sports backpack, yes to something more sophisticated and professional).

As for the accessories, the advice is not to overdo them. For women, a pair of not too flashy earrings, a necklace and a few bracelets (not too many) is sufficient. A nice watch is enough for men: no flashy rings. You can also show up without accessories: better not to have them than to be excessive.

In conclusion, dressing for the job interview means choosing an outfit that allows you to feel good about yourself, that makes you feel good and that allows you to express yourself to the best of your ability. Also, if you are wondering what they might ask you during the interview, you can read the article “The most frequently asked questions at the job interview”.

When you are comfortable in your clothes, you will convey a sense of confidence and energy that is not to be underestimated. In general, whether you are simply walking down the street or to the job interview venue, what you wear must say something about who you are and where you want to go – dress for your dream job.

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