CV in English: how to write it in a few steps

Do you want to find work abroad or in a multinational but you do not know how to proceed? The first step is undoubtedly to present a CV in English that is not only written correctly but that respects a precise format and a specific structure.

If you have already finished your resume in Italian, find out how to write a well-written, strategic and effective curriculum vitae in English to attract the attention of recruiters, by continuing to read the article!

Types of CVs in English

To write a successful CV in English you cannot expect to simply translate your resume, using the same format. The best choice to avoid making a mistake in drafting the document is to inquire about the type most used in the country where you intend to work.
Although there may be differences, the most popular formats can be mainly summarized in two types :

  • chronological CV, like the classic curriculum, lists academic and professional experiences, organizing them from the most recent;
  • skill-based CV, which focuses on technical and personal skills, highlighting hard and soft skills.

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How to write an effective CV in English: useful recommendations

As far as the curriculum in English broadly follows the traditional one, there are some differences to which we must pay attention. Here are all the main recommendations to follow:

1. Pay attention to the translation

See how to translate qualifications, titles and job positions into English. Unfortunately, the mistake is just around the corner: we, therefore, recommend that you ask a native speaker or an acquaintance with a solid command of English to check your CV to avoid any typos or inaccuracies. Don’t be afraid to use Italian if there isn’t an equivalent term in English.

2. Insert a personal statement in your CV in English

Usually, the curriculum in English, especially in the United Kingdom, presents a short description of themselves, no longer than 3-4 lines: the so-called “personal statement” is usually inserted under the section of personal data or as the first paragraph of the CV. The ultimate goal of this short presentation is to give the recruiter an immediate idea of ​​what you could offer the company.

3. Pay attention to the photo

We already talked about it in the article “Photo curriculum: the definitive guide to choosing a CV photo”, in Anglo-Saxon countries photography should not be included in the CV to avoid discrimination during the selection process. it is good to inquire about the regulations in place since the use of the photo in the curriculum is often not widespread.

4. The date of birth in the CV in English

In Italy, the date of birth is included in the CV, but it is good to know that it is never mandatory: the curriculum must always be thought of as a document that, in addition to being useful, must include only data that are fundamental and that we want to share. For this reason, in Anglo-Saxon countries, the date of birth is not entered, except in rare cases.

5. The cover letter

An essential document to attach to your curriculum vitae in English is the cover letter or better known as ” cover letter “: a tool that integrates and supports your application, especially for positions abroad where motivation is crucial. To learn how to write a perfect cover letter, read “Cover letter to attach to your CV: what it is and how to write it”.

6. Enter the references in the curriculum

The References section, which is not mandatory in the Italian curriculum, is instead absolutely to be included in an English CV. There are two ways to enter references correctly :

– Write the names of your former employers – obviously after obtaining consent – and if possible also their contacts;

– Insert at the bottom of the document the phrase ” References available upon request”, so as not to have to write the references in the CV but to be able to send them separately in case of the recruiter contacts you.

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7. Indicate your native language

Don’t forget to include in your CV the other foreign languages ​​ you know and of course, your mother tongue: it is an added value to prove that you are a professional profile you are looking for I work abroad. Furthermore, it always indicates the level of knowledge of each language, distinguishing between reading, speaking and writing.

8. Be concise and concise

If this recommendation is valid in Italy, it is even more so abroad and in particular in Anglo-Saxon countries. The key is summary: the CV in English must be short and concise, as very little time is spent on CV screening.

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